The Cost vs. The Price Of A Body Piercing

Recently, while piercing at our Wilkes-Barre location (315 Across from the Woodlands), I came upon a client who’s story best explains this comparison. She was a client of mine from a few years ago; she had a wonderful experience and her piercing healed perfectly.

Well, the time had come where she decided she wanted a Lip piercing (with a labret stud). There was a new studio down the road from her who was offering $10 piercings, so she headed on over and claimed her prize.

Within a few days, her lip was swollen and the jewelry wasn’t long enough to compensate for it, so she stopped at a different studio near her house and bought a cheap piece of jewelry ($15) and had it inserted.

A few more days went by and for whatever reason, the second piece of jewelry was STILL not large enough to compensate for the swelling and became completely engulfed by her lip. Her next stop was to the hospital, where she had to have the jewelry cut out of her lip!

So let’s review:

The price she paid total was $25 but the cost she ended up paying was inconvenience, pain, suffering and NO PIERCING to show for it.

The price she would have paid at Marc’s Tattooing would have been $60, but the cost would have been much lower (assuming she cared for it the same way she did when she got her Monroe pierced).

Moral of the story is: Make sure that great price you are getting for a Body Piercing (or Tattoo for that matter) isn’t going to cost you more than it is worth!

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