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TheA� Tatt2awayA� Tattoo Removal System (US Patent 8,663,162) works using a similar technique to how a tattoo is applied:
The skin is lightly abraded in a patented pattern to reduce scarring
A patented solution developed by Rejuvetek Medical called TEPRSOLA�
is introduced instead of ink.
TEPRSOLA� produces an escharotic response in the skin that relies on the bodya��s natural
healing response to reject the ink from the body in the form of a scab, actually removing the ink from the body.
Tatt2AwayA� treatments are designed to remove the tattoo in a series of visits for maximum results.

The number of treatments depends on the size complexity, and location of the design.An average size tattoo (4 inches by 4 inches), may need four or five visits but is realistically determined during the initial consultation.
Discomfort from the procedure is comparable to that of a tattoo being applied. Treatment
sessions last about 20-30 minutes and time between treatment sessions is usually about six-eight weeks.


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