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What services does Marc’s offer?


We know every tattoo is a matter of personal taste, so at Marc’s Tattooing our artists take great care to guide you comfortably through your experience.

Artwork that we provide:

  • Customized art, or Flash
  • Color or Black & Grey
  • Realism
  • Japanese
  • Tribal
  • Anime
  • Cover-ups
  • Lettering
  • Bio-mechanical
  • Traditional Americana
  • Various other styles


Piercing and Body Modifications:

  • Large and Small-Gauge Initial Piercing
  • Advanced Ear Projects
  • Male and Female Genital Piercing
  • Single and Multi-Point Surface Piercing
  • Paired Symmetry-based Piercing


Is the equipment at Marc’s clean?

Equipment for tattooing is sterilized through the use of an Autoclave which uses heat, steam and pressure to sterilize. Our autoclaves are spore-tested and monitored monthly; our test results are posted in our lobby for you to view. All of our needles are single-use.

Marc’s Tattooing provides a safe, sterile, and comfortable piercing experience as well. Our piercers are certified and current in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention & Infection Control training.


How do I take care of my tattoo after I leave?

Your new tattoo has been bandaged, and it should be removed after at least four hours.

It is very important that your new tattoo be protected from the sun and dirty environments, as it is a rather large open wound at this time. You should wait to remove the bandage until you can properly clean it with mild soap and warm water. Rinse it well, and pat it dry, then allow it to air-dry before applying ointment.

You should apply ointment, H2Ocean, regularly throughout the day, keeping the tattoo slightly moist, but NOT smothered. Use just enough ointment to make the tattoo slightly shiny, and blot off any excess.

For the first day or two, your tattoo will require more cleaning, as it will lose fluid at first. This is normal. You want to make sure that moisture doesn’t get trapped under the ointment (hence the air-drying), and that the tattoo doesn’t stay submerged in water either.a

We recommend washing your tattoo a couple times throughout the day, using only mild soap, and rinsing and drying well. Frequency of cleaning depends on your lifestyle. Use your best judgement but don’t overdo it.

You should only apply ointment for as many days as it takes for your tattoo to peel, this process will take anywhere from three days to 1 week, depending on your body and the area of skin. It will begin to flake like sunburn just let this happen on its own, and don’t pick at it.

When the tattoo has fully entered the peeling phase, you need not, and should not, apply any more ointment. The area will become dry and itchy, and a good hand lotion should help with this.

Here’s what you should look out for with this method. Should any ‘bubbling’ of your tattoo occur, you should consider method 2.

This bubbling is caused from moisture (usually too much ointment) getting trapped in your tattoo and could lead to scabbing. If scabs develop, they can remove the color beneath them. It is very important that they are allowed to dry out completely, and not at any time get water-logged. The scab will eventually fall off on its own, and your tattoo should be fine if you keep the scabs dry.

Also, some people develop a small allergic reaction to Bacitracin, which shows up as a red rash around the tattoo, and disappears once the ointment is no longer used. A small percentage of people may develop a more serious reaction, and may require medical attention, so we suggest the use of A&D, unless you’ve not had problems with Bacitracin in the past.


How long will it take for my piercing to heal and how should I care for it in the mean time?

Healing times for new piercings vary greatly. In most cases jewelry should be left in for at least 6 months. Even though the piercing may appear healed, it’s best not to take out the jewelry.

If it is absolutely necessary to remove the jewelry, extreme care should be taken in removal and insertion. A simple 50 mg Zinc supplement taken with meals can accelerate healing.

With proper aftercare, infections in piercings are rare. If any problems arise, we will be happy to assist you. Even though we have years of experience, we can only give you suggestions: We are not physicians.

If you think your piercing is infected, contact your physician. If a nostril or septum piercing becomes infected, you should see a physician immediately. Of course, some soreness may be experienced with new piercings. If the soreness and/or redness or discharge continues for an extended period of time, do not remove the jewelry; this will only cause more problems.

What should I do now?

Do not handle the piercing without first washing your hands. Don’t play rough: Love your piercing and it will love you. Absolutely NO oral contact on the piercing whatsoever. No bodily fluids should come in contact, either.

Don’t overclean your piercing; follow the instructions as they are given. Do not swim in lakes or rivers or soak in hot tubs for at least 3 months. These places are high in bacterial content and should be avoided.

And what about infection?

Signs of infection include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling or hardness
  • Pain or burning at the piercing area
  • Thick discharge that is usually dark yellow or green in color.

Some redness and discharge is normal for the first few days, and the discharge may continue for several weeks. The normal discharge is white, and is simply your body ridding itself of dead cells.

As was already stated, do not remove your jewelry in case of an infection. If need be, you can use some form of antibiotic ointment at the direction of your physician.

Is my piercing rejecting?

All piercings can reject. However, some have a much higher rejection rate than others. Rejection is not painful, but it is something to watch out for. Some things to look for are:

  • Redness, along with enlargement of the opening around the piercing
  • High rate of discharge of clear fluids
  • Itching and rash-like symptoms

This could also be caused by overcleaning or a reaction to the cleaning agent. Try changing agents and look for a dramatic change or call your piercer.

Not every piercing you may select will be accepted by your body. There are many things to do to try and avoid rejection, such as changing the type of jewelry or metal used. Unless you have had a rejection problem before, contact your piercer if one should arise.

Can I help it heal even more?

Your diet can have an impact on healing. We also suggest taking a daily multi-vitamin, as well as a zinc supplement (75 mg for women, 150 mg for men). The zinc should be taken for the first 7 days only. Should you wish to continue with the zinc, consult a physician.

Follow the written and oral instructions given to you by the piercer. Do not use isopropyl alcohol, peroxide, or betadine on your piercing. These products have a tendency to slow down the healing process.

What type of cleaning product should I use?

The ONLY thing we suggest to use on any piercing is Sea Salt and Distilled water (1/4 -1/2 Teaspoon into 8oz of warm DISTILLED water)
Soak 2-3X a day.

We also sell and recommend H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, you have unlimited access to your piercer. You may stop in or call at any time during our business hours and we will be glad to discuss anything concerning your piercings or future piercings with you.

Once again, we are not physicians so any suggestions we make are based on past experience and that of others in the industry. If our suggestions do not produce the results you are looking for, please consult your physician.

Minors Policy


Marc’s Tattooing does not provide tattoo service of any kind to any person under 18 years old.


  • Must be at least sixteen years old (basic piercings only)
  • Minor must have state issued photo identif ication (ex. new permits, drivers license, passport)
  • Minor must have birth certificate 
  • Parent must also have state issued photo identification. 


Marc Fairchild's Photo

Marc’s Tattooing is a full service, custom tattoo, and piercing parlor, specializing in all types and styles of tattoos and piercings. Marc Fairchild began the studio in Dickson City during March of 1993 and has been setting a standard of excellence in the NEPA region ever since.

Since that first store, we’ve expanded across the Wyoming Valley by franchising our name and maintaining consistency over several new locations in the area. We pride ourselves on quality service meaning all of our piercers are Red Cross Certified in First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens, practice autoclave sterilization, and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and artistry. We’re also committed to adapting to each customers uniques needs to help create a pleasant and lasting experience.

Come by the shop and see what you’re all about.

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