Can A Piercing Get Rid Of migrane Headaches?!?!

***We in NO WAY make any definitive Medical claims in this post, we are just passing on the personal experiences of our clients***

There have been a few articles floating around the internet, asking this question, and several of our clients have come into the studio with the intent of answering it… here are some of the responses we’ve gotten from our Facebook Fans when we asked if it helped…

Margie Shipley Scheers I was not aware of this piercing having this ability, until someone mentioned it to me, and I can tell you from personal experience, I have not had ONE migraine since I got this piercing, 2 yrs ago, this April!”

Stephanie Prymock-DavisI had mine done in the Dickson City office by Kat. She was honest by telling me it may or may not work. There was not enough research. The fantastic thing is that I’ve been migraine free for 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve had it done. That is a record for me. I wish I had heard about it sooner. I’m not saying it will help everyone, but I was willing to take the chance. The piercing did hurt, but not even close to the pain of a migraine. And it stopped hurting about an hour after it was done. Update: 4 weeks without one migraine. I still can’t believe it.

Malinde Lohmann Had mine done by Chris in Dickson City in September. Haven’t had a migraine since and haven’t filled my prescription for Immitrex since August.”

Heather McManus I got this done in October and love it. Went from daily headaches to nothing. Amazing”

Katrina Rae Alba I got my Daith done in the Wilkes-Barre location and I went 3 months with 0 migraines and every once in a while I will get one which I will take over 4 a week”

Again, we’re NOT claiming that this will definitely help you, but sharing the experience of our Facebook Fans. Bottom line is… if it helps, if it doesn’t help, you still get a REALLY COOL piercing… ๐Ÿ˜‰





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